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Unreal Slackers is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a game jam!
Prepare yourself. This could get crazy. It might even drive you botty.


Use Unreal Engine 4 to make one of Unrealbot's crazy ideas into a real game. In one weekend.


  • Join Unreal Slackers if you haven't already.
  • Ask Unrealbot for a game idea until you get one you like. (Send the bot a direct message and include the words "game" and "idea" anywhere in your message)
  • Take a screenshot of your idea like this and hang on to it. You'll need it when you submit your game.
  • Work alone or with a team of up to 5 people.
  • Third-party assets or assets you previously created are allowed.
  • Make Unrealbot's dreams come true.

While it's completely optional, I encourage you to join the #game-jam channel on Unreal Slackers. It's a great place to find team mates, share your progress and get feedback. If you're working with a team, you can create your own private channel for easier collaboration.

If you have any questions, find me on Slack (I'm @nick) or tweet at Unreal Slackers.

Good luck and have fun!

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