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Welcome to the Book Adaptation Jam! This game jam encourages all game developers to create fantastic games that are inspired or adapted from an existing book or novel! Your game can be adapted from any book you like, your game can be made with anything you like, your game can be any genre you like! An RPG, a Text-Adventure, a Simulator, and even a Horror - your game can be about anything, the only thing it has to follow is being adapted from a book!

This Game Jam is part of the Full Moon Jam, a series of game jams that run regularly, and end on the date of a full moon!


If you want to find a team, have a question, or just want to chat with your fellow Full Moon Jammers, consider joining our discord server,



This jam will begin on the 11th of May, and will last until the next Full Moon, on June 5th! This gives you approximately 25 days of jamming! The judging period will begin when the jam ends, and the end of judging is subject to change, but the 10th of June is a rough estimate when it will hopefully end.


Once again, your game can be about anything you want. You can use any tool, make it into any format, and for any OS (but it should at least have a Windows Port). The only rule is that your game must be adapted or inspired from a book. When the jam ends, a group judges will rank each game and declare the winner.  Please join the discord server HERE if you want any more info. Your game will be judged by its Gameplay (is it clear, challenging and well-implemented?) ,  how Fun it is,  how well it is adapted from the Book, how it uses Visuals, how it uses Music, and how Creative and Unique it is.

This jam will be judged by a group of pre-selected judges. If you want to be a judge, please consider joining our discord and asking me, the owner! 

Use the twitter hashtag #BookAdaptationJamFMJ on twitter!


1. Your game can be any genre, made with anything, and made for any Operating System, but it must at least have one Windows port.

2. Your game should be original in terms of gameplay.

3. Your game should be adapted or inspired from an existing Book or Novel.

4. Games that do not follow these rules will be removed.

And that's it! Remember to join our discord, and cya!


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This is a game about cards and light magic
Card Game
[v1 easy] Scum Villains Fangame. Yaoi, strip-rhythm game.
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A classic story gets a new look.
Interactive Fiction
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You are tasked by a god to go to The Old Tower to prevent the evil Iio from destroying The World!
Role Playing