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Welcome to Bodensee-GameJam 2022!

This gamejam is run by Spieleentwicklung Bodensee, a community of game developers around the Lake of Constance area. It takes place in a physical location (Toolbox Bodensee in 88677 Markdorf, Germany), but it will also be hosted online for people who'd like to participate remotely.

This jam's focus is to create something playable within a weekend, thus there aren't any restrictions regarding technology, programming languages, engines and so on. Physical games (board games, card games, etc) are possible, too! It is allowed to participate as a team or as a solo developer, no restrictions on that part as well.

However, there will be a topic which the game should adhere to, though this serves more as an inspirational anchor and can be interpreted in any way you like. Topics can be suggested and will then be voted on, the final topic will be announced shortly before the jam begins!


Topics can be submitted voted reviewed here:

The topics with the most votes are:

  • Enge (narrowness)
  • time shift
  • deep
  • retro


  • If you live close to the Lake of Constance, please consider participating on location - drop us a line in advance to let us know you'll be there!
  • Any type of game (video game, board game, card game...) in any genre (action, puzzle, adventure...) is allowed
  • Any programming language (C/C++, Python, Lua, JavaScript, ...) on any platform (Web, Linux, Windows, Commodore 64, NES, ...) is allowed - it would be nice though to provide instructions on how to run the games depending on how exotic the platform is
  • Any engines, frameworks and libraries (Unity, PyGame, PICO-8, ...) are allowed
  • The game should fit the topic (see above), it is however up to you how the topic is interpreted
  • Please try to keep things family-friendly
  • Have fun!


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Bodensee Gamejam 2022
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Arcade Remake
Feel the thrill of an Apnea-diver in this little BASIC 10Liner game
hunt rabbits while staying close to each other to avoid wolf attacks
You are stuck inside a ventilation shaft, find a way out the strange environment