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This is the first iteration of the Blue Robot Game Jam, hosted by the students of Jason Weimann ( The jam is a longer format and team-based, to facilitate the collaborative creation of games that would be difficult for one person to achieve in the same time frame. The jam is unjudged, with no "winners", and is mainly an excuse to practice remote collaboration, working as part of a team, and building out more complex systems than many jams have time for.

Rules of the Jam

  • No outside code is allowed. We are programming students, so this is the focus of the jam.
  • Outside art and sound is allowed.
  • Currently the team size is set at 3. This may change in the future.
  • The theme was voted on in secret and revealed the day before the jam started.

THEME: Crafting

This month's theme is crafting. There are no further conditions on the theme, and no one will be disqualified for not strictly adhering to it. The theme is both a guide and a restriction to facilitate creativity and scope.


Since this is an unranked and unjudged jam, the only voting criteria is which game you personally enjoyed the most. Please don't vote for your own game :)

Voting will end on Sunday, April 5th, at midnight.

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Craft your way out of a godforsaken place in this action-adventure puzzle game.
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Explore nature and craft potions that modify your physiology
Wander the world, fight enemies, get loot, craft equipment
Role Playing
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