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Welcome to the Blind Jam!

Make a game playable by blind people and WIN PRIZES!

Brought to you by Aestuo!

Theme: Make a game accesible to the blind.
Ideas: Portal, Metroidvania, text adventure.


-Jam Winner role on our discord server: :D

-All winning Team Members win a hoodie!

-Make a Game that is well, inclusive to blind gamers who most of the time can't play mainstream games as they are so heavily visually based!

AND Get your game played by Streamers (See Below!)

How to enter:

1. Click Join Jam!

2. Join the community:

3. Feel warm and fuzzy inside :)


-Must be free to play until end of voting(accept donations because you deserve it, you kind-hearted saint)!

- Must be accessible on windows but adding extra formats will probably make voters happier :D

Get Your Game Played by streamers!

But rememeber to have a good game thumbnail and name otherwise they may not notice you while streaming.

IF you want to have your channel linked here, and your going to play jam entries, message me through the discord(above) and everyone will be able to check out all your awesome videos :D

So far:


-How about you?

Voting Categories!

-How easy is it to play blindfolded?

-Feel Good Feelin'!




-You should continue this!


Make a game accesible to the blind.

/* Little Note:
At Aestuo we like to think of ourselves as people who help devs and people in general- we donate 10% of our profits to
charity and these jams are just the second step in that mission. All the prizes (and blood,sweat and tears) that go 
into these jams comes straight out of my personal pocket and if you have made any games of high quality before It 
would make my day if you asked to get it on Aestuo. Do so by messaging me on discord :D

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A game without vision. Follow the music.
RPG Concept for the blind gamer community
Breakout (no bricks) implementation meant to be played through hearing only
A Blind GameJam Entry
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
A game of casting spells by spelling words.
Play in browser