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Though many authors have been breaking through its original concept, the fact remains that "Yaoi" is a genre created by and for straight women, and also is intended to be nsfw. 

By using the alternative label "BL", I want to encourage the growth of a game community dedicated to and enthusiastic about wholesome representation of lgbt+, specifically mlm, content.


1. Absolutely no underage characters allowed, unless within a strictly platonic context. Characters under 14 are prohibited.

  • No incest.
  • No large age gaps between minors.  Be reasonable, please.
  • No character over 18 may date a character under 18, unless they are both in high school.

2. Though the name is "Boy's Love Jam", nonbinary, aro, ace, bisexual, pansexual, etc. characters are encouraged! 

3. The game can be any genre and platform, as long as it features a male-centric lgbt+ cast. Romance is not mandatory.

4. Please give content warnings for nsfw, gore, etc. Being specific with content warnings is preferred, though not necessary. 

5. Absolutely no art/music/writing theft. All game assets must be original, or otherwise have permission granted & credit given.

6.  The game can be under any level of completion upon submission, just make note of it in the description.

7. You can submit games that are from other game jams as well, as long as it follows the rules!

If you have any criticism or arguments towards any of these rules, feel free to talk to me about it. 


Simply vote for the game you liked the most! Prizes will be offered and suggestions are welcomed. 

As of yet prizes have not been determined.


Are teams/collaborations allowed?

  • Of course. Just make sure to properly credit everyone involved.  

I only know how to do x thing, how can I make a complete game?

  • Teamwork and learning new skills is highly encouraged! Depending on the size of the jam, I may be able to provide 1 on 1 help as well.

Why is this game jam so long? 

  •  The BL Jam will span over 4 months to account for any school/work/holiday/personal life interference. I want anyone who wants to enter to have plenty of time to work on their game! And you can always wait until the last month to start working for that classic game jam crunch-time pressure.

Will the game jam be during the same time in future years?

  • I hope there will be enough support to host this jam again! If there is, the time period may change to June 1st to August 31st.

Who the heck are you?

  • Literally just some guy. (i'm comakke! he/they pronouns, men enthusiast, very gay, very sick of bad yaoi tropes)

Any other general questions asked will be added to the FAQ as needed.


Thank you so much for checking this page out!  I hope this jam can be a good experience.

Feel free to ask any questions or offer any suggestions via the contact information below.

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