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 Welcome to the first Bleeding Tapes Game Jam! 

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We all know these games, we all played these games, the classic time killer genre, Tower Defense Games.

What is a tower defense game exactly? Well let me explain:

A tower defense game is a subgenre of strategy games in which you protect the player's position with various obstacles you place, or by weapons you use.


the prizes are very simple but, they're something to look for: (numbers correspond to ranking)

  1. Design a level with custom buildings, and if necessary, props are included, for H.I.E.M.S including signs with custom text or logo.
  2. Design a robot or enemy type in H.I.E.M.S
  3. Include an easter egg of your choosing in H.I.E.M.S.

The rules of the jam:

These rules MUST be followed.

  • Player should be stationary in game.
  • Your game should have a scoring system. (points, waves, etc)
  • Create and submit your game within the time frame.
  • Teams are allowed up to 4 are allowed.
  • Pre-made scripts or libraries are allowed.
  • All assets and coding should be done in the time frame.
  • All game engines are allowed and welcomed.
  • Submit your game as an executable or browser game.
  • You can start thinking about game/art ideas on paper before the jam starts.
  • All platforms are allowed. (but beware some might not have the platform you are making your game on)
  • If you have twitter use #BTGameJam1 to show off what you are working on.
  • Only one entry per person or team.
  • Don't forget to name your game and the people behind it!
  • Have fun!

Voting Categories:

These are the categories are what voters will be rating you on, so keep these in mind when you make your game...

  • Overall (overall opinions of the game, in all aspects important to you)
  • Gameplay (how the game feels, if its fun to play, or if its innovating)
  • Sound/music (quality of sounds in menu, items, weapons, ambience, music, etc)
  • Visuals (quality of the overall look of the game, art, shaders, particle effects)
  • Story (if a backstory or any kind of story telling is present, how rich or good it is) *optional*

Please leave any feedback to the submitted games when you rate them, it would be greatly appreciated by everyone!

If you can not make the submission deadline, contact me and i'll help you upload anyways!

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