This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-08-07 04:00:00 to 2022-09-04 04:00:00. View 56 entries

This is the Blaseball Zine Jam! Inspired by game jams, contributors will have a month to make a blaseball themed zine! Creators of all kinds are welcomed: writers, artists, musicians, cosplayers, and anything else you can imagine!  You can also work collaboratively with friends or publish an independent zine that you’ve always wanted to do.  It’s a great opportunity to stretch and challenge your creative muscles, and a fun chance to meet and work alongside other fans!


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A 24-hour speed-zine about Season 24
Blaseball Zine: Your friendly guide to never visiting Hellmouth
a blaseball album cover redraw zine
A zine exploring how teams and players of the ILB memorialise the people they lost.
a zine about axel cardenas, mullen peterson, and a trade that didn't last
A Blaseball Tarot Zine
a blaseball fanzine based around randomly generated color palettes. a submission for blaseball zine jam 2022.
A Lost Blaseball Short Circuit
an annotated playlist zine.
This is a small zine about the Mexico City Wild Wings and being Mexican, also grief. For the Blaseball Zine Jam
A Zine about the Breckenridge Jazz Hands
Run in browser
A zine about Blaseball dads who could fight each other, drawn by their kids!
You've been [REDACTED]! What now?
A collaborative zine with art drawn for poems and stand alone poetry.
A zine for the blaseball Zine Jam surrounding a post-season-24 roster shuffle/reset AU!
a lyric comic about lenny marijuana
A Blaseball Season 1 Fanzine
A blaseball zine all about the little things death does, or did, in blaseball
a zine about blaseball players who don't exist.
files from the interdimensional rumor mill.
A collaboration of blaseball team lore from the Short Circuits
Blaseball was...a lot. I wanted to make a little piece in the Electric Zine Maker to talk about my feelings.
A Blaseball zine about traveling
what it says on the tin
(a conversation)
A short art zine made in Electric Zine Maker, about the San Francisco Lovers in expansion.
A Blaseball fanzine about feedback
Blaseball Doodles
a blaseball fanzine about the season 10 forecast decrees
a blaseball fanzine about the miami dale at the end of the world
(frame your eyes and stain your knuckles)
a zine about missing someone you love.
A Fanteam Fanzine :)
a study of val games, pedro davids, edric tosser, morrow doyle, and the parallels between them
a Herring Winfield zine
An exquisite corpse 12x100 about Percival Wheeler and Knight Triumphant, made for the Blaseball Zine Jam.
a hades tigers fic zine
Blaseball players in picturebook covers
immortals in love will always find a way back to each other
a Blaseball zine about an incompetent hitman