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"We are all love blaseball. But what are you love most about it? What do you want to dig into and play more? Run by community members and inspired by the cultural event that is Blaseball, this jam's theme is to create a tabletop roleplaying game that expands on that inspiration. Backstory, off season, betting, clubhouse intrigue, surrealism, rules that change by player vote, loyal fans and conspiracy theories. We are all love blaseball."


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Eldritch Horror Space Sports in the Firebrands Framework
a Blaseball dating sim about finding the strength to keep playing
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
A hack of The Quiet Year to make it about Blaseball.
A solo or collaborative league-building tabletop game
A sapphic Blaseball zine.
Have an adventure in the Canada Moist Talkers' Gleek Arena!
A Monsterhearts 2 Skin inspired by the cultural event of Blaseball
A short TTRPG about playing blaseball, the universe's best splort.
Create a Blaseball team and slug your way through the emotional turmoil of a season.
Role Playing
A game of Blaseball based consumption.
A solo letter-writing game about the bond between a dog and their human in Internet League Blaseball.
There's only one way out, but you have to live life to get there. A Blaseball TTRPG.
a 2-player game of rivalry, reminiscence, and blaseball.
A cooperative Blaseball TTRPG inspired by Everyone is John
A Blaseball TTRPG
A Mad Libs-inspired Blaseball TTRPG
Play your last game of blaseball under the fiery gaze of the umpires. A blaseball-themed hack of Ten Candles.
A Blaseball tabletop-rpg for Fate Accelerated.
The mics are hot, the teams are playing, and it's so hard to keep your feelings inside...
blaseball tabletop fangame