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Blam! Jam #1 Theme Announcement

Ball is in your court 20% (13)

Cut corners 17% (11)

Costs an arm and a leg 18% (12)

Wouldn't be caught dead 21% (14)

Take with a grain of salt 24% (16)

Total votes: 66

Winner: "Take with a grain of salt"

Description: An English idiom meaning to view something with skepticism, or to not take it literally. However, this is a Game Jam. Make a game based strictly or loosely on the idiom or produce your own take. Be creative and get Blammin' !

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Official Hash Tags: #BlamJam #BlamJam1 - use these on social media :)


This is the first official Blam! Jam.

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Truck Driving delivery jam game
A hidden object game created for Blam! Jam #1 in 48 hours