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3D Adventure game for the BTPJam
Submitted by Matt — 43 minutes, 43 seconds before the deadline
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10/10 on the visuals. I'm such a huge fan of flat shading. Plenty of comments on the controls. Don't forget us lefties when thinking control schemes either. Another tip for 3rd person cameras, move the camera closer to the player if there's something in between. It's hard to control, when you can't see your player! But still, awesome effort. Gorgeous game. Really clean. Lots of future potential for more levels.


First of all, I love the artstyle and music. The controls were a bit hard (Because the player, when you clicked "w", would move forward by their rotation, not in the direction that the camera was facing), but I was able to figure it out. The concept is awesome, fantastic job! I'd appreciate it if you could try out my game as well!


Thanks! I'm glad you liked! I know about the controls, srry about that! I'll take a look for sure :)

Thanks again, appreciate your comment!


Of course! I'd appreciate it if you could check my game out as well!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really good art! Controls are a bit difficult, but well done for only a week!


Thanks a lot, appreciate the comment, srry for the controls, I strugle a little at the end with that!

And srry for the late answer :)


As many said before me the character controls are wonky. I really like the visuals and the growing animation.


Sorry for the late answer.

Thanks for the comment, I know for the movement X) I've to leave like that to finish the other things on time!

Glad you liked the visuals :)


I like the art style and the player animations. It is hard to move around, maybe the input system should be improved. Really good job for a JAM.


Thanks a lot for the comment! And sorry for the late answer.

I've change the movement few times, at first the camera was static, kind of isometric perspective, but it ended like that. I do better next time!

Thanks again for the comment, appreciate :)


It's so pretty when you light the fire and see all the colorful environment come out. The controls are so hard to use. I was using the arrow keys and it was weird because the player does not go the direction you are clicking but instead based on the way they are facing. The player rotation also happens very quickly, which makes it hard to go in a straight direction.


Hi thanks for the comment, appreciate! Sorry for the late answer. I know for the movement, I've change the system few times, at the end i just leave like that and try to finish the rest, srry about that!


I also had the thoughts CinemaLeo had. The control was really hard for me. The character just got stuck somewhere and just kept on spinning there itself.


Sorry about that! Doesn't happen to me, normaly, there is no problem with the colliders, so maybe it's the input movement, don't know.


The art style of this one really sucked me in, and it remains really consistent in the game which is especially glorious when you light the bonfires! I also really liked how you could get quite far without being hostile; could perhaps even be one of the key mechanics?

Four thoughts I had:

(1) the control scheme was a bit hard to use (at least for me)

(2) I actually had to restart the game after collecting the fires on the first level as I couldn't seem to get anything to interact with--so it could be worth binding the light fire to the same button as interact.

(3) Sadly the music cut out during my play of the first two levels.

(4) The darkness was a little too dark for me as I found it very hard to see especially on level 1... but that's a very tricky thing to get right.

Great job overall though!


Thanks for your comment, appreciated a lot!

Yes! sadly i have to rush a little at the end, cause I expect to have a lot of time during the week, but plans change, and I had to work.

I change the controls three times! X) at first it's plan to be an isometric view, no camera rotation, then, third person and after like is now., so it's a little bit messy, sorry about that!

The music loops well on the editor, but on webGL it's stops, I couldnt figure out why

And sorry for the light, my monitor was bright, I had to test on other screen next time

Thanks again for the good comment! :)


Very nice game.


Nice Game. Love the art style. Please check my game if you want :


You have really nice colours in your game! I liked the maps, but wished there were more to try. Also, the movement is hard to master, I had trouble moving where I wanted. But its still a nice game