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The Bit Bridge Halloween Jam is a one-week game jam to celebrate the local Pittsburgh game dev community. Each year in October we host a showcase for new and upcoming games being developed in Pittsburgh. In lieu of a traditional showcase for 2020, we are instead hosting a Halloween/fall/harvest-themed game jam open to not just developers in Pittsburgh, but anyone on the community.

The Jam

The Halloween Jam is a non-competitive jam where anyone can sign up either solo or with teams to submit a game.

The Showcase

The Halloween Jam Showcase concludes the jam by letting all jam participants showcase their game in an online hangout and party. The showcase will include demos, announcements, and lots of fun chatting and festive events!

The Jam Themes



Use one theme or both together for your jam game!

Jam + Showcase Schedule

The Halloween Jam is taking place from Saturday, October 17th starting at noon 12pm thru Saturday, October 24th ending at 6pm. The Halloween Jam Showcase will take place approximately one hour later on Saturday, October 24th at 7pm!

Full Schedule

10/17 (Sat) - 12pm noon-12:30pm --- Halloween Jam Kick-Off
Join us in the Discord as we announce the jam theme and get started with the official jam kick-off!

10/17 (Sat) - 12:30pm  thru 10/24 (Sat) - 6pm --- Jam Time!
The Halloween Jam runs from the kick-off event to the 6pm Saturday! During the jam week join our Discord for announcements in the evenings with playtest and feedback opportunities!

10/24 (Sat) - 7pm-9pm --- Halloween Jam Showcase
We close the Halloween Jam with the Jam Showcase! Join us on Discord again as we watch videos of every jam game, show off other works from Pittsburgh dev from this year, and hang out in the afterglow of post jam glory!

Resources + Links

Come talk about the game jam on the Bit Bridge Discord in the #halloween-jam channel!

Halloween Pre-Jam Mixer slides - Link


  • All entries should be original games created explicitly for the jam. Outside resources are allowed as long as you have the rights to use and share them and they are properly credited.
  • All entries should generally follow the theme(s) provided at the start of the jam, but we encourage participants to be creative in their approach!
  • Entries that have horror-related or disturbing content must be properly flagged and all content must be labelled in the submission description. Absolutely no pornographic, racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive content will be allowed. All games should follow the Bit Bridge code of conduct.


Q: What happened to the Halloween Showcase?
A: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we are not hosting in-person events for the rest of 2020. Instead of trying to mimic the showcase online, we thought hosting a game jam would be a unique and fun way to celebrate the Bit Bridge community. We will be hosting a Jam Showcase at the end of the jam on Saturday, October 24th online to celebrate all jam participants.

Q: Do I need to be in Pittsburgh to participate?
A: Not at all! This jam is open to anyone in the festive Halloween spirit!

Q: Is this a competition?
A: Nope, this jam is purely for fun and learning! We want to encourage collaboration and sharing in the spirit of community building through the jam.

Q: Is there a format or platform for the jam?
A: Any format or platforms are welcome for the jam as long as they are able to be shared on

Q: When will the theme be announced?
A: The theme will be announced at the start of the jam. Stay tuned for details!

Q: How will my game be showcased?
A: We will be asking participants to record a short video of their game and will have the opportunity during the showcase to talk about their game as well. More details on this as well as the jam approaches!

Thanks for being part of the jam!


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A short visual novel about warrior women who live in a swamp.
Visual Novel
A very good boy in limbo! A short RPG Maker game.
Role Playing
A comical visual novel about monsters becoming gods through social media
Visual Novel
Survive the horrors of the night and find a way to escape Amalga Manor with your life!
Logic puzzle in a garden
Play in browser
A short horror game set in a TV shop.
Halloween Game Jam
Friday the 13th with a strict no-touching policy