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Create an "All Ages" Bishoujo game!

Currently, the indie visual game world is riddled with tons and tons AND TONS of Otome games! Whilst this is by no means a bad thing, it'd be nice to have a few Bishoujo games that aren't Adult rated available, too!

So starting from the 25th all the way to the final day of the year, create and submit YOUR Bishoujo game with all the lovely little waifus for players to swoon/matchmake with our male MC. 

This jam is unranked and just for fun to bring in more Bishoujo titles, so kick back and relax~


- Absolutely NO NSFW content. It's OK to make tons of innuendos, imply certain things, show the girls in swimsuits, whatever, but no nudity or sex scenes whatsoever! Keep things appropriate and tasteful. And absolutely NO glorifying horrendous acts. 

- The game must star a male MC with romance-able heroines. Your game must have at the minimum of 1 choice, a minimum of 2 heroines, and a minimum of 2 endings! No Kinetic novels!

- Games must be free to download and play. No paid games. You can, however, use the "name your price" module so people have the option of free. 

- You are allowed to start making your game before the jam starts, OR use this jam as a means to complete an already-in-the-works project! 

- Free to use assets are allowed! As long as you properly credit and the assets are allowed to be used for game making, go nuts! If you want to make your game entirely out of free to use assets, be my guest. 

- There is no restriction on game length. Make it as short or as long as you want!

- Yes, you can submit more than one game, as long as it's your game or you're apart of the team and have permission to submit it. 

- BONUS POINTS: Not required, but I would definitely love to see some effort in giving the MC a personality~

Be nice and follow the rules, but most of all HAVE FUN! I look forward to all the waifus I can matchmake to Mr. MC.

Optional hashtag for social media; #BishoujoJam2018

DISCLAIMER: Participants take full responsibility for the games that they submit. The jam host is not responsible for the content of a participant's game. Submissions discovered to be violating the rules or questionable are subject to removal from the jam. 

BANNER CREDITS: Logo created using GIMP, openclipart, and CoolText. Character sprites by Blue Forest. 

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