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Welcome to Bisexual Awareness Week Jam of 2020!

The Bisexual Pride Jam 2020 is the first of many LGBTQ+ themed  game jams we'll be holding in celebration of the queer community in gaming and game development.  馃挅馃挏馃挋

The jam will run from September 18th to September 25th and the theme will be announced at 5pm UTC.

The jam's goal is to encourage better understanding and representation of the queer community, this time, using the Bi Week as thematic background to explore. As such, feel free to explore any experiences you feel showcase parts of what it means to be bi or queer in general in your game.

If you're not sure how to represent something tastefully, please speak up and ask for help!
We're all here to learn more about ourselves and our community and would love to help!


The Theme of the Jam is Discovery!

Keep in mind that this theme is meant to be a source of inspiration for you so feel free to submit anything even if  you don't think it fits perfectly!

Our Goal is to have the best experience possible for everyone while boosting the dialogue for queer representation 馃槉

Message us for any doubts @GameDevPride


1. Everyone is more than welcome to submit a game. You do not have to be bisexual to participate in this jam.

2. Your game can include sexual content, but no sexualized depictions of characters under 18. 

3. Content warn in your game page description for common triggers such as self harm, suicide, sexual assault, etc.

4.  You do not necessarily need an openly bisexual person in your game. However, you should try to use the bisexual or queer narrative in ways to represent the community in an educated way.

5. It is completely fine to submit demos and/or unfinished games! We're really looking forward to see as many takes on the jam as possible and strongly recommend submiting what you have worked on. Even some sketches and the game concepts can tell a lot about your intent! 

6. Your game(s) can be created using any game engine you want. You may repurpose assets/concepts/etc and/or use any assets you have the rights to. We encourage you to try and make whatever you can during the jam but out biggest goal is to create projects that showcase your vision.

And more importantly, remember to enjoy yourself!
This is a non-judged jam that encompasses developers of all skill levels. We're here to create value within our community for an entire week! And we want to hear your story!


Consider representing: Other sexualities, gender indentities/expressions and intersex people as well as bi characters who aren't bi just for the sake of being able to date every NPC.

Consider exploring: How being part of the LGBTQ+ community affects our lives in ways that are not only related to our dating lives and relationships. (i.e. feeling different or left out; not feeling represented in media; being afraid to open up and learning how to conquer your fear; etc)

Please be mindful of harmful stereotypes and be open to criticism if someone finds you unintentionally represented something that could be considered problematic. There's nothing wrong to admiting you didn't know better as long as you're open to educate yourself. 

Community and teams:

We do not have a Discord server yet but feel free to use the community tab to expose your work and/or find people for you to work with.

Thank you so much for participating and we hope you have a wonderful time in here! 


Contact @GameDevPride on Twitter and gmail.


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