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And for my birthday I want you to make games for me! That's really it! You got til the end of the month to do it, don't even worry.

What do I make?

This is easier than it sounds, I promise. To make it easier, here's a list of recommendations of stuff you could make that'd be a lovely birthday gift:

  • Hacks, supplements, and add-ons to any of my many amazing games!
    • Bloodbeam Badlands is a great place to write adventures, bestiaries, items, etc
    • "The Goblin Pulls Out A Gun" is a unique SRD that's easy to build off
  • Sci-fi, space operas, and weird space
  • Fantasy ideas and themes, like magic and knights and dragons, in non-trad fantasy genres
  • Anything with goblins in it
  • Anything with dinosaurs in it
  • Saturday Morning Cartoon energy
  • Medabots and mecha
  • Unique and interesting magic systems
  • Worldbuilding games
  • GMless games
  • Gods and deities
  • My two cats Lentil and Pappu
  • Trigun and Blood Blockade Battlefront (Kekkai Sensen) are formative media for me and my tastes that seep into every project I make
  • Things trying something new! Weird materials, unorthodox play structure, interesting ideas that kinda work but mostly seem cool

And probably a lot more, but that's all the stuff off the top of my head!

Please charge for your games! At the very least, set them to Pay What You Want!


If you choose to hack or create content for any of my games, follow any attribution terms as stated with the game itself. If the game doesn't have anything resembling that you must state the following in your legal text and on any websites from which a commercial product is sold: “[product name] is an independent production by [publisher name] and is not affiliated with Viditya Voleti.”

Otherwise, for the purposes of this jam only as a way to commemorate you making something for me, Viditya Voleti, feel free to put this emblem in your game, storefront, or whatever! You earned it!!

Jam Standards

Like all my work, this jam upholds the SWORDDREAM Principles, shown below:

  1. *DREAM stands against hate & prejudice in all forms. We seek to actively oppose bigotry & harassment in gaming communities. We create kind spaces.
  2. *DREAM works to be radically inclusive. We seek to support and encourage creators, GMs, players, and organizers from marginalized groups. And we seek to get better at this all the time.
  3. *DREAM encourages the use of sensible tools for communication and consent. This includes both conversational consent (in community spaces) and safety tools (at the table).
  4. *DREAM opposes harassment and strives for non-toxic discourse. We value best intentions, we call in before calling out, and we start discussions before we make accusations. We seek to empower everyone to curate their space. Above all, we engage sincerely.
  5. *DREAM values creators & their work. We support equitable pay for professional creators and fair treatment for hobbyists.
  6. *DREAM values a DIY approach to creation. We question gatekeeping, we take alternative approaches when traditional publishing models fail, and we believe anyone can make great games.
  7. *DREAM values experimentation in game design & worldbuilding.
  8. *DREAM isn't defined by, but is interested in: anti-canons, emergent story, generative worlds, kitbashing, non-violent play options, and more. And it's fine if some of these things contradict each other!
  9. There is no one *DREAM. Anyone who commits to these principles is *DREAMing 

Entries may not contain racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or other hate speech. They will be deleted.

Goblin illustration by my lovely partner West C.


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A space barista unionization one-page TTRPG
A GMless RPG for 2-6 players, Loaded by a Goblin
An open-source action resolution mechanic for your next TTRPG
A two player game about a worshiper meeting with their god
Fall In Love With Your Friends. Embrace Your Monstrosity.
An Adventure Module for MONSTER GUTS
A Two Player Game about Diffusing a Bomb
whose idea was it to travel into this labyrinth?
A #Promptober game anthology
Create a quirky fictional dinosaur character. Compatible with Bloodbeam Badlands!