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 BIPOC Vamp Jam is a tabletop RPG jam of vampires from a different lens.  We invite any BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) designers to submit a vampire related game! 

Submissions due by September 8th. 

We always hear about these Eurocentric vampires: True Blood, Twilight, Dracula, Nosferatu... the list goes on. But we rarely hear about other supernatural beings that haunt our dreams and appear in the stories our grandparents tell us. Let's bring those to the light. 

#BIPOCVampDay (September 18th-19th)  was created by bbettie_cosplay after seeing the success of Black Fae Day on May 8th.  Image

BIPOC Vamp Jam is a game jam celebration for BIPOC Vampire Day. All games written for this jam are by BIPOC, sharing stories of their own history and culture. We want to hear about your Jiangshi, Chupacabras, Adze, and whoever else fits the mold! 


    • Write a short analog roleplaying game only (ie: tabletop, LARP). ‘Short’ should ideally mean 1-5 pages of text and images, excluding cover image, credits, prefaces, content warnings, and blank pages.
      1. Designers must be BIPOC. We are explicitly stating this, however, this rule will be upheld by the Honor System. 
      2. It should be a standalone game, meaning that this game can be played by itself. (with or without accessories, of course!)
      3. Hacks of pre-existing games are allowed.
      4. It's highly encouraged to include a text-only version of your game instead of/ in addition to a PDF if possible.
      5. Previously published vampire games, as well as multiple submissions are allowed!
      6. If this is written in another language, please provide a translated copy into English. 

    • Your game must focus on a "vampire", however you want to define that. Per the dictionary, a vampire is an undead creature who lives off the blood of the living. But that's colonizer talk, and they don't make the rules here. 
      1. Genre and tone are up to you!
      2. We highly encourage and support you to write from supernatural takes and folklore of your (or your family's) culture. Or even writing about your personal diaspora! 
      3. If you are to write about material outside your culture, we do ask for you to be respectful, do your research, and try to collab with voices that are able to help. 

    • Be safe and have fun (in that order!)
      1. While working on your game, please keep safety tools in mind. If you need help with what safety tools to use, please look into the Safety Toolkit curated by Kienna Shaw and Lauren Bryant-Monk. 
      2. Be sure to list content warnings if any are required, both within the game and on its main page.
      3. Take care of yourself, boo! The world is a lot right now so take your breaks and don't push yourself too hard.
      4. As marginalized folks, we are often holding ourselves up to high standards, but we want to reiterate this game jam is organized in celebration, so we are here to smash any imposter syndrome you feel! Smash that publish button and submit a Google doc draft as an early access release! This jam is only three weeks long in order to encourage a variety of quick games, and we hope to play several of them during #BIPOCvampday weekend. 
      5. We encourage you to add the tag 'poc-made' when you publish your game for continued searchability. 

    This jam is organized by Huetopia. Feel free to contact us with questions! 

    Find other people talking about the jam on Twitter at #BIPOCVampJam, and share your thoughts/process.


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    Gunslinging Vampires in the Unsetting Apocalypse
    a gmless ttrpg where you play vampires restoring the sun
    Attend a vampire support group to make friends, complain, and cause shenanigans.
    Survive—and look good while doing it.
    A solo journaling game of vampires, memories, and one last attempt to hold onto humanity
    A hack of Grant Howitt's The Witch is Dead
    A Lasers & Feelings hack about being vampire flatmates
    A game where you explore your neurodivergent vampiric lives through the Blink, discovering your joy & healing.
    A GM-less TTRPG by Mitzi Tuquiero about bloody hunters
    a self-reflective letter writing game for solo play
    A game about vampires trying to claw their way to the top in showbiz.
    A GMless TTRPG about Vampires trying to recall their memories.
    A gm-less, diceless hot mess for 3-4 players to live out your best vampire sitcom life
    What does it mean to be remembered? What does it mean to be forgotten?
    A solo game played while you take a walk. Kick a rock and tell your story!
    Only the Great Clown Pagliacchi can chase the vampire away. The thing is... you are Pagliacchi.
    Dracula in Space! Vampires on a Starship!
    A game about Found Vamily.
    a wacky tarot based game telling the events of a chupacabras who causes havoc on a town.
    A short TTRPG inspired by 80s vampire movies like Mr Vampire and Fright Night
    A short game about horrors supernatural and mundane
    Play as a vampire trying to grow a garden, except you can't go out during the day
    A game about a vampire chronicling the end of their life.
    a game about digging in, moving past it, and the interference of strangers
    Be a member of a Chinese Family, collaboratively exploring and creating a Chinese Ghost story
    A Crash Pandas hack full of Lowriders and Chupacabras
    a game about winning immortal love
    Dracula Owes You Money, and you're going to get it back.