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As part of the GLaSS 2016 program, the CRI Paris - Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity GameLab invites pop-up urbain, Gamelier association and CRI open source electronics researcher Kevin Lhoste to open this game jam. They will share with jammers keynotes on the themes of urbanity and biodesign!

There'll be game making, playtesting sessions, open mic nights, food, and a breathtaking view on Paris!

Jam with the GLaSS 2016 students on Biodesign and the City!

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The GameLab Summer School gives the opportunity to international students to build biology-inspired games, with the aim of pushing the boundaries of biodesign and game development.
Assisted by experts in biology, game making, and education, they will work in teams and contribute to open source science and design. Accompanied by fascinating classes, varied challenges, and exciting events, it will be a great time to share skills, experiment, and learn by doing in an open fashion!

The CRI GameLab is dedicated to the advancement of games for science, education, and social change.
The lab develops games in cooperation with educators and researchers focusing on the power of play. The lab does not restrict itself to video games, but includes tabletop games, toys, and physical games in its approach.
The lab gives classes at the CRI as well as one-on-one help for game creation for students, educators, and researchers alike.
The GameLab is the crux of a Paris game maker community. It organizes or co-organizes a large number of events, ranging from conferences given by notable game designers to round-table discussions to playtesting sessions of games under development.

Since 2009, [pop-up] urbain seeks insights for the future of cities in pop-culture.
Ever since its creation, [pop-up] has been interested in the possibilities of interdisciplinarity between the urban world and the video game industry. This game jam is an opportunity, a step for more collaborations between the two and hopefully the first out of many more to come.

When :
> 20 - 23 Juin 2016
Where :
> CRI GameLab, Tour Montparnasse, 20° étage


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Video game in which you play a humanoid plant, wandering in an abandonned city. Paris CRI Game jam june 2016 .
Play in browser
A Puzzle-Party game that likes to mess with brains
Let the light guide you in the labyrinth and escape the being haunting it
Rescue endangered aliens
The adventure of a failed scientific aiming for fame and glory
Capture the other team's flag by blending with the AI controlled characters.
Based on the every day lives of the russian dogs, who have adapted to the city where they live to perfection
A prototype about individuals evolving in a dynamic environment
A rail shooter about bioluminescence