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Come join us for a birthday bash for Binny, the mascot of ppb!

This is a single engine jam where we want to encourage folks to give ppb a workout! Any game genre is welcome, as long as the game can be loosely defined as "family friendly." The jam is open for two weeks from March 4th Anywhere on Earth until March 19th Anywhere on Earth, but you should only spend about 3 days during that period working on your game. That can be split up however you like: an hour or two a day, all over one weekend, a day and a half over both weekends, it's up to you!

When you submit your game, upload an archive (zip file or similar) with all of your code, a requirements.txt with pinned dependencies, and a readme file that tells users which version of Python is needed to run your game. You can also upload a prepackaged version of your game that was created with a tool like Briefcase or PyInstaller.

The goal of the Birthday Jam is to have fun, learn a thing or two, and share the love of Python game making!


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You commandeer a ship (nautical term™) and you have cannons. The rest is legend.
A customizeable spell building shoot em up.