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This is a game jam for you to turn aspects of your favorite video games into TTRPGs, or to write TTRPGs inspired by your favorite RPGs. It's a very broad scope, and a little loose on the rules, but here are some basics: 

  • They can be system supplements. Class playbooks? Setting rules? Scene formats? Have at it.
  • They can be hacks of systems. PBTA, FitD, great formats. Go wild. 
  • Collabs are okay! 
  • Any genre of video game is welcome, but keep in mind that some might not convert well into a TTRPG
    • If you can emphasize the RPG portion of turning candy crush into a TTRPG, then you're too powerful 
  • A link to the game, especially if it's an indie publisher, will help people be able to also support the original game creators.

Q: Quick, what's the official tag for this??


Q: How does this work with monetizing my submission?

You are, of course, encouraged and welcome to charge for the content you create, but please be careful of copyright!  Mark proper ownership of content if you pull directly from your source, or rely heavily on the "inspired by". Check for a company's fair use or intellectual property policies as well! 

Q: Can I make a beat-for-beat copy of my favorite video game?

Well, no. One, that takes agency away from your players and defeats the purpose of running a ttrpg. Two, might as well play the video game instead. 

Q: I have questions, how can I ask them of you, the Game Jam Runner?

Hello! I am Mab, nice to meet you! Drop a line here on the game jam page, or find me on twitter @sunshinepaladin

This page will be updated as I remember things I meant to add, or I get questions, or whatever have you. This is my first game jam, so I will be learning as I go, but hopefully everyone has fun. 

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a game about living with anxiety, inspired by celeste
Role Playing
a play by post game for finding a world in its last seconds