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Come make something awesome the weekend of December 7th at Buffalo Game Space for BGSjamXIII, our thirteenth official 48 hour game jam! Join newcomers and industry pros alike as we all work to create games over the course of the weekend, all based on one unifying theme (to be announced at the start of the event on Friday).

So if you're a programmer, an artist, a musician, a designer, or just someone who wants to get a crash course in making games, come to BGSjamXIII and create something amazing with us!

BGSjamXIII is free to attend, but we strongly recommend attendees bring $20 each in order to pay for the meals we'll provide during the jam (Dinner Friday, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Saturday, Brunch/Dinner Sunday)
Never jammed before? Check out this handy introduction to give you an idea of what to expect!

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Ever Wonder what Monty Hall had behind all those doors? Well wonder no longer.
An audio-only adventure on the Elemental Plane of Sound
Exploring the wonder of space in the earliest interactive way
A Woodpunk Escape Game
Windows build of an iOS app to go along with the physical box for the game
Feed a Picky Pig Some Soup!