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Welcome to the first DJ jam in my vivinity!

The theme is DJ!,don't forget to add that red and blue effect!

I'm glad to see ya'll here,so let's start with the rules first,

1-There should be no adult content in the games.

2-No hurting to anybody in the comments.

3-No asset flips.

4-Create the game in the submitted time,and use no pre-made material.

and that's it!

Now coming to the rewards!

1-Nothing!lol,you get nothing because this jam is for fun,yeah the next time if i get this jam,then there will be probably rewards!and yeah you can even contribute rewards which then can be distributed.

So the jam starts as the info shown above,any queries then DM me on discord(awesomeguyhere#3003).

BEST OF LUCK EVERYBODY!waiting to see what ya'll make!