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The theme is "Before and After", but also think about what we covered in class.

- The game must have one "non-classical" mechanic as discussed, ie: something unexpected and repeatable happens when you touch/interact/tag/"shoot" some object in the game world. These may or may not be necessary to progress.
- The game must have a strong beginning, middle and end structure. Think about how to develop your world and/or mechanic, showing its uses in multiple ways.
- The game must include some game entities, ie, animals, NPCs, robots, whatevers. They may include simple AI but if not, they must still be interactive and interesting.

The game can be made in any style. It can be 2D, 3D, first person, alt-controller, abstract, fantastical, personal, scary, funny, anything. It can be made of multiple scenes pieced together or just one.

The only limit is that no asset store assets are allowed. Asset store tools, image effects, scripts etc, are fine.

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Dab on the dank af memes
Play in browser
3D Platformer
A short game around the theme 'Before and After'
Find an exit to the synth-maze, discover abilities as you progress. Headphones are VITAL
A short walk through memories, past and present, about death and the passing of time.
Can you help these cats get to freedom?
Play well known theme songs to escape.
Reaction based, dodging game.
A short 2D platformer exploring some sad themes
Use your power over Space-Time to navigate traps and find a way free from Vectron, your captor.
Shoot your way to the top!
A short game about bringing colour to a grey world.
The rise of the Urbani Mafia.