Submission open from 2017-08-19 14:00:00 to 2017-08-27 13:59:59
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To celebrate the first birthday of Bar SK we're hosting a week-long jam, with the submissions to be displayed at the bar for two weeks as part of our Beer SK exhibition, alongside SKRUSH, a one-off special beer from local brewers Kaiju!

You're welcome to follow your creativity and do what you wish, but keep in mind that by submitting to this jam you give us permission to display your submission at the bar. We also have a theme and a restriction, and if you need something to get you inspired we're uploading a huge selection of photos from the last year to facebook closer to the jam date.

Theme: Beer and/or SK. We have such a love for small interesting games and small interesting beers I think this is pretty obvious.

Restrictions: We have a set of technical restrictions, ranked from most to least important. These will allow us to organise these games into a launcher, which would be very nice.
-Two Players
-Two Buttons per player (A&S player 1, K&L player 2)
-Short playtime (less than 5 mins)
-.exe that launches straight into game (If in unity, disable opening dialog box)

And if you're physically in melbourne and come in to work on the jam at SK you'll get a free beer or something <3


Tips & Tricks for exhibition builds:

  • short is not bad! people don't have a lot of time, and would rather something around 4 mins and replayable than a 15 min experience.
  • reset if no input for ~45 secs. people leave games for any reason, at any point, it's not a bad sign, it just happens.
  • no text! no one reads in public, it's just a thing, don't explain anything by text, people will miss it.
  • don't depend on audio! it's hard to get good audio in a public space, and no one wants the same looping soundtrack audible across the bar. if possible add a button to mute music and leave sfx.
  • less decisions before the game. players don't want to choose a level or a character or anything, just throw them straight into the game.
  • skill is inaccessible! you can compete, but don't make the games about skill, it should be about having fun, exploring and playing.