Submissions open from 2021-02-13 13:00:00 to 2021-03-06 13:00:00
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Beer NOT Jam!

Make your best game about BEER!!

Please join us!

  • We are a community of Indie Developers looking to make new friends.
  • Your game could potentially be featured on our YouTube channel (We love playing new games and drinking beer!!)
  • Grow as a developer while exploring this new adventure!
  • Gain clout as a developer as you claw your way to the top of the jam charts.
    • P.S. Don't drink and code... or do .. it could have interesting results. *We are not responsible if you mess up your game while drinking*


  • Don't be a dick!
  • This is an adult game jam, mature content is encouraged so be wary! *No referencing illegal activities, especially pertaining to children*!
  • You can work alone or in a team of any size.
  • You may use assets as long as you legally own them.  *Give credit where it is due!  (ref. rule #1)*
  • The game that is submitted has to be created DURING the allotted jam time!

When does the pub close!?

Beer NOT Jam starts on February 13th. You will have 20 days to submit your entry. Try to make us laugh with vulgar-potty-humor it is  highly encouraged (even being a factor of the ranking system). So bring out your best pub banter and humor.  


If you enjoy making new friends and exploring different creative avenues with others then join us in our discord we have lots of fun!

You can even find us on YouTube to see some of the crazy things we do and have done!

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Try and drink, We dare you!
Protec the h00man from bad beer!
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Two players duke it out in a bar!