Submissions open from 2020-03-31 21:59:59 to 2020-05-20 21:59:59
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The Bedroom Programmer's Jam is a game jam for novice and casual programmers.

The goal is to improve your programming skills. Therefore, no game engines, ECS frameworks or other fancy tools are allowed, which dictate the game architecture and programming style for you.

In Corona times it is the best idea to stay at home anyway. So - have fun while coding!


Every programming language and low-level game framework is allowed as long as it does not violate the above mentioned regulations. Examples of allowed frameworks are  SFMLSDLLöveMonoGame, or Raylib.

Join our discord community

We'll meet there on the #bedroom-programmers-jam channel. Feel free to ask any question that comes to your mind, including technical programming questions. From time to time we will also post some tips...

Some rules...

To put some strain on your grey cells there are a few more requirements for the game:

The task is to create a hybrid between something like Doodle Jump and a horizontally scrolling shooter. 

How to do that? We are definitely curious about your ideas.  Maybe you can share your ideas on Discord. What could it look like? What kind of setting should it be? Is it scifi, fantasy, or something completely different? Well, that's up to you.

The following rules and minimum requirements apply:

  • Players have life points and optional additional items
  • Levels can be generated procedurally, or defined as a level file
  • There must be at least one playable level, a main menu and optional credits

General rules:

  • No Swearing, no extremism, no hate
  • No drugs, no alcohol, no smoking
  • No Adult Content
  • Kid Friendly


I am an absolute beginner, which  programming language and framework should I use?

The choice of the framework also depends on the programming language. Löve, for example, is a framework for the LUA programming language while Raylib is for C/C++ but has many language bindings such as C#, Python, Go, Nim and more... Both libraries are only mentioned here as examples. In any case both are very suitable for beginners.

Can I use code from the Internet?

To take over code fragments directly or analogously is ok under the following conditions: First, you own the rights or license to the code you take over. Second, you limit the adoption of code to a minimum. Third, you make it clear that you have used code by indicating the source and paying tribute to the author in your game credits.

Can I use assets (graphics, sound files, etc.) from the Internet?

Of course, provided you have the appropriate rights to use the assets. Please pay careful attention to this. Please always mention the source and honor the authors of the assets in your game credits. It is very welcome if you create assets yourself.

Are teams allowed?

Yes! Feel free to team up!

Is this a ranked jam? Who can vote on entries?

Entries are voted on and ranked. Voting ist done by submitters only, means a submission uploader can vote on other entries. Submitters rate the following attributes:

  • Gameplay in general
  • Gameplay: How well we have succeeded in combining the two game concepts
  • Quality and usability of the user interface (UI and game control)
  • Quality and purpose of game assets
  • Completeness and polished up (e.g. splash screen, easter eggs, credits, ...)