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Becker IGDA's annual 24 Hour Game Jam is here! Open to all Becker students. students can participate in the game jam and build a game within the allotted 24 Hours either solo or with their peers in a team!


Students must sign in on-site at the Design Building on the Worcester campus.

Participants may use whatever tools, engines, etc. that they like. Participants may use previous base code frameworks (i.e. a "plaformer engine," if a participant has a basic system of some sort of mechanics working, etc.). Participants may not use games that have already been worked on; the point is to come up with an original game idea. If some tools assist you in getting to that new game design, that's fine, but working on an already existing project or altering/reskinning an already finished project is not allowed.

Participants are free to use both the Design Building and Boutin Multi-purpose Room as work spaces and are free to use the on-site machines. NOTE: please be aware that the machines on-site will automatically shut down at midnight. Please be sure to backup all of your files either on an external drive of your own or on the thawspace. Additionally, the machine will be shutdown, so be sure to physically turn it back on; they will turn back on on their own at 5 A.M.

The first floor Mac room in the Design Building is the no-work/safe/break room. Please do not work in this room. If participants need a break at all, feel free to use this room to relax. Just be aware that others may be using the room and need quiet, so please be polite and respectful of them.

Some refreshments will be provided throughout the jam, but please be sure to find your own food and drink sources for actual meals. Plan out your schedule to accommodate food and sleep times. Do not starve, dehydrate, or exhaust yourself; your health is the priority, not the game jam.

At least one Becker IGDA cabinet member will be present in the first floor Mac room in the Design Building and at one of the tables in the Multi-purpose room. If there are any minor issues, please talk to whomever is staffed in either location. If you have a low-level emergency, please call Becker Police: (508) 373-9555.

If you have a high-level emergency, please call 911.


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Create levels to screw over your friends!
Play in browser
I wonder what happens when best friends date.
Visual Novel
Fight against your load!
Play as a rat trying to escape a witch's house by mixing ingredients together to create various power ups.
When the world is on the brink of destruction, how far will you go to save it?
Role Playing
Finish the level to finish the level
George Washington crossed the Pacific in an hour so can you
You were an experiment. Now you need to fight to escape. (DEMO)
More Rats. FUCK.
A zombie Beat-em-up where you're the zombie!
Manage a Monster Management Facility
Nifty little platformer starring a lovable failed experiment. Help Gumbo escape from the evil clutches of Dr. Wolegib!
A fast paced stealth experience game
you create monsters and they do things for you like crime stuff i guess
Co-op Probe-Em-Up
Dare ye wake GALDOR, and learn what mystical fortunes he has to tell?
All about switching at the right time