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The theme will be released September 27th at 7:00PM PST!

Join Game Design and Development at Berkeley for Bear Jams! The theme will be announced at the event on Friday at 7:00PM. The event starts at 6:00PM in Cory 293 where there will be time to get to know other students and form teams. 

After the theme is announced, our help desk will open up where you will be able to get help with starting or just have any general question answered. We will have two help desk rooms throughout the event, Cory 212 and Cory 258 (times will be released the day of). If you are working remotely, feel free to ask for help on our Discord server (you can join it through

Submissions will be at 10AM on Sunday. Winners will be announced at 3:00PM, in addition to a showcase of all games beforehand and afterwards. 

Participation is open to everyone! We are excited to see all of the wonderful games you guys will create!

Day 1 Slides + Weekend Schedule (

Important Dates/Times:

Submit application form by Saturday 1:00PM PST (

Submit submission form by Sunday 10:00AM PST (

All of the event Rules and Guidelines can be found here:

The Code of Conduct can be found here:

We highly recommend that you join our Discord server (use link: We will have a specific channel for everything Bear Jams related. Most of the information will be updated here in this description but it will be found on Discord first.

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This game is all about momentum! Use boost zones and devour meals to get to the end zone before you run out of speed!
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Call for trains and send cheeps home!
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Eat and grow more legs!
Be a climate change fighter and pick up trash on the beach!
Plankton Endless Runner - Bear Jams 2019
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A procedurally-generated, blank world populated only by ominous, floating robotic watchers.