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Welcome internet people! We are Balloon Co. [gaming division] and this is our game jam. If you came here after playing our game “You Are Welcome” you already know the rules. If you are looking for that .txt file we promised with game ideas, here it is!
You already know the rules, so have fun making and submitting your game! 

If you found this game jam without playing “You Are Welcome,”


We made this game jam to combat the greed and exploitation of game jam contests hosted by big corporations. Here is what you need to know to participate in the greatest game jam ant-contest ever!

Prizes: Balloon Co, in order to encourage a spirit of cooperation instead of backstabbing, has decided to make it impossible for anyone to get first prize by entering and taking it ourselves. However, there are still participation prizes. Specifically, if you enter this contest, you are eligible for a .png image created by Balloon Co. [gaming division] saying how awesome you are.

Contest theme: You can either submit an original game created within the game jam time, or, in the spirit of reverse exploitation, Balloon Co has also provided a .txt file which contains canceled Balloon Co games that you may have full rights to for your own game.

Length: December 15th through February 15th, but late entries are allowed on a case by case basis.

Prohibited content: There is some game content that will not be permitted. Specifically, game content that's designed to hurt people based on gender, sexual orientation, ability, appearance, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, national origin, citizenship, and religion, or lack thereof. We also request no graphic nudity. Games that contain hurtful content may be removed at Balloon Co's discretion. However, if mild enough, we may contact the creator and ask for a resubmission with the offending content removed. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Whew, welp, now that you know why this is the greatest game jam ever created, we look forward to your game soon! Have fun!


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