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Games that Transcend Distance

Big Bad Online will be a one day (24 hour) event focusing on giving our community a place to gather and share on October 23rd, 2021. We’ll be hosting panels and seminars featuring a diverse mix of game designers and other creatives in the extended community.

Big Bad Online will be free! Panels and seminars will be streamed on Twitch and we will have an open “lobby con” on a special one day only Big Bad Online Discord. 

Let's make games that transcend distance inspired by the folkloric item- 7 League Boots

Important Details:

Submissions Open: August 17th, 2021
Submissions Due: September 14th, 2021


  • Make a game that transcends distance in some way- you decide how
  • Make a physical or analog game- tabletop RPG, live action rpg, solo journaling game, etc
  • Follow BBC community standards (no hate, discrimination or harassment will be tolerated, though games addressing or exploring these in a serious and respectful way are allowed)
  • Submissions that do not follow these rules will be removed from the jam


After the jam closes, games from whose creators who have opted in will be collected into a 2021 Anthology Bundle and sold, with proceeds split between Big Bad Con and game creators! Including your game in the Anthology is optional and you can still offer your game for sale on and other platforms.

Creators who opt in to including their game in the 2021 Anthology Bundle will receive a share of 50% of bundle proceeds, with the other 50% going to Big Bad Con. Anthology contributors can opt out of proceed sharing, if they choose.


Want to talk about this jam! Use the #bigbadjam hashtag or head to our Discord server!

This jam is organized by Ash & Jenn- if you have any questions, feel free to email

Big Bad Con is a volunteer-run non-profit 501c3 corporation comprised of wonderful volunteers, staff, GMs, and players.


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Deliver letters from the dead to the living. Bear witness.
A 2-player hack of Together Among the Stars.
A Microgame of Shady One-Liners and Planetary Conquest for 2 Players
A Game About Spaceships With Crushes On Each Other
An interplanetary epistolary game for two
Tiny RPG that transcends space
Card-based naval combat simulator
Play in browser
A solo letter-writing ritual about telling truths that may be difficult to speak
Solo journaling game about trading your memories to save the life of a loved one
Role Playing