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Are you a seasoned game jammer looking for something new? Or are you just getting started and looking to learn from others? 

The Bay Area Jam Jam is a 72 hour long game making challenge that happens on the last weekend of every month. 

For one weekend, game developers of all stripes from all over the Bay Area of California can come together to create new and exciting games. Whether you're working solo or in a team, you'll have the opportunity to push your skills to the limit and make some badass games.

 At the end of the jam, we'll all meet in person to play each other's games and celebrate what we've done. You don't have to attend the in-person event, but it'll be a great opportunity to get to know other developers, get feedback on your game, and generally just have some fun. So mark your calendars and get ready to create some awesome games! ( you also don't have to submit a game to attend the in-person event if you wish to do so)

NOTE: For the in-person event it is strongly recommended that you follow safety guidelines and protocols of COVID-19

The in-person event will be held on Wednesday 3/1 at the Guildhouse in San Jose at 7:00pm - 8:00pm. If you need any help with transportation, don't hesitate to swing by the discord and we'll help you out.

  • You have to make your game within the 72 hours (or the 7 extra you get to build and upload your game).
  • You're allowed to work in teams, even if not everyone on your team can make it to the event.
  • Feel free to use all the preexisting assets and art you'd like, but please don't submit premade games to the jam. 
  • Keep it SFW. If we open your game in the middle of a crowded bar and it's just a bunch of anime boobs, I will be very sad. 
  • The theme is optional, but strongly recommended.
  • You can participate in the jam, even if you can't make it to the in-person event, and vice versa. The jam and meetup are open to everyone, regardless of participation.
  • For us to play the games at the in-person event, it will have to either run on WebGL or Windows. The laptop we have is not amazing, so games that are easy to run are preferred. Your game will have to support either Mouse and Keyboard or controller. (or be playable on a smartphone)

If you have any more questions, message me (peanut) on the discord!


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Blend fruit, make money.
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Can you escape as subject #494?
made with unluckypanda
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A game made for the Bay Area Jam Jam
use the accelerometer to move around
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