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Theme: Make a game based on the name of an actual band. 


  • Don't include the name of the band in your game
  • Recommendation: don't use one word band names, excluding 'the', unless they're weird

Bonus Challenges

  • Work the band in to the game in another way
  • Score the game with a track in the style of the jam
  • Dress like the band at the showcase

Band names are the highest form of randomness in word combinations. To the point of being a trope. They were one of the first things that random text generation could hope to pull off. But they're also recognizable. What other collection of word combinations is so simultaneously absurd and so widely familiar.

Let's dig into what these frankensteinian concoctions of text actually mean - before we tokenized them in our minds and stripped them of literal significance. Let's make their incongruity concrete and make games out of them.

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Lethal volley-bomb where you need to hit the bomb more times than your opponent!
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Follow the "One Direction"
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