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The Balloon Jam 2019 is dedicated to honoring the balloons of this world, including(but not limited to) water balloons, party balloons and hot air balloons. Discord:

Prompts: Boy, Detective, Party, Market, Fog


  • Jam starts on November 5th.
  • Jam ends and judging starts on November 15th.
  • Judging ends on November 18th, where the winning team receives the pats and hugs!

Team up with others at Crowdforge page!

On November 5th, we will provide 5 prompts on the Discord server & in the community forum here. You can choose one or multiple prompts and make your game based on that. All engines and art styles are welcome. The game can also be text based(in which case Graphics criteria will judge the contrast and font). With enough submissions, we will make a video reviewing each or most of the games. :3

Judges are Babipoki, Pat, Argy and vokap.

Submission rules are the following:

  • Game development should only start on November 5th, but you can start planning before the date.
  • Game must be
  • Judging criteria includes Physics, Graphics, Story, Gameplay, Theme and Polish. Gameplay is the primary criteria.
  • You can only have 5 team members at max.
  • Game must be SFW!
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Balloon detective ShAIRlock Holmes must solve the mysterious Zeppelin murder.
Visual Novel
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Submission for Balloon Jam 2019
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Balloon Puppy (Lack Of Platform) Platformer