Submissions open from 2023-03-31 23:00:00 to 2023-04-29 23:00:00
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The Bakin Programmers Jam aims to help interested programmers gain familiarity with creating plugins for RPG Developer Bakin

As a result of this jam, participants will also be increasing the library of plugins currently available  which helps all users of the engine, not just programmers.


Anyone at any skill level that has an interest in programming with C# is welcome to join.

It's strongly encouraged that you group up in teams of 2 or more for this jam. This helps both you and your team learn more about programming, and more specifically, programming for Bakin. However, you are also more than welcome to participate as a solo programmer.

If you need any help while developing a plugin, you're more than welcome to post a question in the "#bakin-plugins-and-scripts" chat channel for Bakin's discord server and someone is likely to provide assistance.


Submit a plugin anytime during April (1st April - 30th April). This should give plenty of time before the jam begins for people to try and form teams (where preferable) and come up with an idea for a plugin.

In addition to submitting your plugin to the jam, you must also submit your plugin in the "#Bakin-plugins" chat channel of the Bakin discord server.

Your plugin can be as simple or complex as you (and potentially your team) would like.

Feel free to submit multiple plugins too. Each plugin will be judged as separate entries.


Judging will be done by ThatDaleDude and AmalgamAsh and take place from 1st May - 7th May with winners being announced on 8th May.

There will be three winners (taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd place).

Plugins will be judged based on the following criteria: InnovationEffectCode, and Documentation. The overall ranking will be based on the summary of those.

Here's a rough breakdown of each criteria that will be judged:

  • Innovation - Generally, how unique the plugin is
  • Effect - How much of an effect would the plugin have on a Bakin project vs. without the plugin 
  • Code - The quality of the code from the plugin (i.e. does the code follow best practices? would it be compatible with other plugins? etc.)
  • Documentation - How well documented is the plugin? Does it have a guide or video to help users install and use it?


You must create a plugin that doesn't currently exist in the "#bakin-plugins" chat channel on the RPG Developer Bakin discord server.

Any plugins created must remain free to use.


Here are some extremely useful resources to use when creating a plugin:


Prizes have gratefully be sponsored by Sana-san and the rest of team at SmileBoom.

The winners will be able to pick any DLC for RPG Developer Bakin of their choosing to win. The winners can pick from any already-released DLC as well as 6 upcoming DLC that is planned for release before summer!

Depending on the winner's position, they can pick multiple DLC to win too:

  • 1st place picks 3 DLC
  • 2nd place picks 2 DLC
  • 3rd place picks 1 DLC