Submissions open from 2023-06-01 04:00:00 to 2023-07-01 04:00:00
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Make a visual novel that feels straight out of Shounen Jump!

Welcome to the first Battle Action Fantasy Visual Novel Jam, a game jam for combining tropes you see in battle shounen & seinen stories with visual novels and story-driven games.

What we accept:

  • Visual novels, story-focused RPGs, and other story-driven games
  • Stories with a focus on action and have shounen tropes such as:
    • friendship conquering evil
    • rivalry between the main character and another character to be the strongest or the best
    • super powers, "chosen ones", power scaling
    • tournaments, examination arcs
  • Previously started on games, demos, finished games- any amount of progress is fine

What we don't accept:

  • Games that aren't story-driven
  • Games with stories that are neither action nor have shounen tropes

Some examples include most JRPGs, Fate/Stay Night, and more. Your game may be a more comedic take or something darker and more sinister. The ultimate answer on if your story will fit this jam: would it make sense to be serialized in Shounen Jump?

This jam is not judged or ranked. You make a shounen/seinen-esque game and you're a winner. We do encourage submissions to be tagged as #Battle Action Fantasy, a new tag for shounen-esque games that's a derivative of バトル・アクション (battle action), a popular way to categorize shounen works in Japan. You can read more about this new tag here.

Join us in the Devtalk server

Have fun and make games that feel like they would go right in an issue of Shounen Jump!

This jam is ran by Arimia from Crystal Game Works, 4noki and Pumpkin Spike. The logo is by Nacchi.