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Hello, we're the twitter account @BadTTRPGs ( and despite our repeated insistence that these are bad ideas, people are like "this is actually good", "", "change your name", etc. Well if you think these ideas are so good, put your money where your mouth is and make one. Any tweet is fair game (especially any that say Watch Symphogear). A few guidelines

  • TTRPGs preferred but if you want to make a video game, interactive fiction, or anything else, go for it
  • All games must be based on one of the BadTTRPG tweets. The link can be as tenuous as you wish.
  • Cruel, bigoted, or abusive games will be removed without warning at the discretion of the organizers
  • Games can be free, pwyw, or paid. Whatever you want is fine. We encourage the use of Community Copies if you make your game paid, but this is up to you.
  • Here is a list of our most popular tweets from start through last October that will be updated soon to the present


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An RPG that only uses 1-sided dice.
Inspired by Fiasco, Mobile Frame Zero Firebrands, Love Live!, K-On!, and The Blues Brothers
More than anyone else, YOU are the city.
A game for one player that generates a cute date.
Role Playing
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A game of transgender sky pirates in the 22nd century
A solo/journaling RPG about dungeon crawling through your own mind.
[solo. at night] the hunter’s still in the forest.
Can your band of cryptids satiate their hungers while avoiding human attention and capture?
A Martial Arts RPG about actually fighting your friends.
Battle It Out To See Who Comes Out On Pop(tm)!
A sexy and swordy supplement for MF0: Firebrands
One-page RPG - go insane then die
A game about playing on a weird golf course
In our final duel, what will we remember?
"What if you said screw it and led a mutiny against the GM?"
Create a children's fantasy book series about riding dragons!
A #BadTTRPGsJam2 Game About Rolling Way Too Many D4s
find a mysterious threat and give it a makeover for a ball
A slapstick improv game, in the vein of old cartoons.
A game about finding closure after a broken relationship
TTRPG System-Agnostic Module for deterministic 1v1 personal combat resolution
a game about friendship and disappointment
A TTRPG about The Great British Bake Off but Necromancers
A 2 player backdrop for Dialect detailing the end of a romantic relationship
A TTRPG about changing the rules by changing yourself
An RPG about the time between quests
A tabletop rpg about speed-running through the enemies to lovers trope.
A game of dismantling capitalism, one vacuum at a time.
An interactive fiction about daily social anxiety and fast food.
Interactive Fiction
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