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everyone keeps telling us to change our name

you all seem extremely insistent that the BadTTRPGs twitter account is posting good games. So if you're so sure about it, make them.

The rules are simple.

  • All games must be based on a Bad TTRPGs tweet
  • If you create a game that is harmful,  prejudiced or cruel we will remove your game from the jam immediately.

that's it

there is no ranking no other special requests.

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A joke that has overstayed its welcome.
a GM-less storytelling "adventure" about the lives of seagulls caught between the action
A musical choose-your-own PbtA game
a diceless, GM-less TTRPG about teens on the internet
A #BadTTRPGJam game with way too many nested tables.
Youtube Test Kitchen Roleplaying
a tactics based war game that has no combat, and is instead all about a lunchroom in a college
A ttrpg about being a ttrpg streamer.
the last bastion for humanity
An unofficial Official post-Vine Vine game
A road trip game.
A TTRPG based around CD tracklists
A Spindlewheel game about a Catgirl trying to kill God.
You play a band making their new hit song. You determine what you add by starting game jams.
Choose FUNKY MODE for some extra help on your adventure!