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Bad Jam

Do you have what it takes to make the worst game possible?


Tired of making good games? Tired of making money from all the beautiful games you've created? Well, Bad Jam is just for you.  Make the worst game possible, a game that you dare not call your own, a game even worse than fortnite.

Are you up for the challenge?



You can use any game engine, or write it from scratch yourself.

Graphics? As bad as possible.

Game-play? As bad as possible.

Music and sounds? As bad as possible.

Story? You guessed it - as bad as possible.

Just forget everything you've learnt about game development and make the worst game ever.


Bad graphics - Graphics as bad as you can.

Bad game-play - Game-play as bad as you can.

Bad story - Story as bad as you can.

Is it enjoyable?

The worst worst game, a game which is the worst.

The the worst best game, a game which is fun to play, but bad.


Umm, satisfaction?

Discord server

Why not join my game dev discord server? Everyone is welcome!

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