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A game jam entirely themed around ABDL content! Creators within the ABDL community are invited to create and share games from June 1st through June 30th. Development should not begin before June 1st and should not continue past June 30th. The submission deadline is extended an extra 24 hours in order to ensure people are able to submit their content in time.

All games created during this jam should have a healthy dose of ABDL content - diapers, physical/mental regression, etc. Games will be rated both on overall quality as well as on the quality of the ABDL content within. Participants are encouraged to work in teams, though this is not strictly necessary.

Everyone participating or spectating is welcome to visit the relevant Discord server at We'll be coordinating further as well as matching up teams in there, so if you need someone else's help or just want to talk about your cool game, make sure to join.

Games may be sold, but participants will need to provide review keys for others participating in the jam in order for the games to be reviewed at the end.

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