This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-06-30 22:00:00 to 2021-07-31 22:00:00. View results

A high velocity Babalonian Jam!

For a whole month, 01.07 - 01.08 (for the pterodactyls across the pond; 07.01 - 08.01 ) you have the opportunity of participating in this ancient jam-fest.
WE WANT YOU to produce art, written work, classes, random tables, monsters, or any kind of creative Mörk Borg content in this jam.

It will be public voting, ranked submissions and winner takes all;  the best adventure ever created 'KENNELS OF KARNAGE' , printed.

All submissions will be published in Babalon's Hangover 2. (printed)

Babalon's Hangover 2 is expected to be on kickstarter around September ( Not 100% on date yet).  ALL profits from the project will go to an animal charity, that will be voted on by the community after the kickstarter is fulfilled.

Babalon's Hangover 2 is an independent production by Stein Hansen and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License.


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A book of eyeballs
New creeps for MÖRK BORG
An alternative rule for combat in MÖRK BORG
A "monster" for use with Mork Borg
A Vile-ent Jokester for MÖRK BORG! Buy his overpriced weapons, or suffer his PUNishment!
New monster compatible with MÖRK BORG
Teeth, o' so many teeth!
Freaks for the Babalonian Jam!
A creature for the Babalonian Jam
Some creatures for the Babalonian Jam
A creature for the Babalonian Jam
Hexed bounty hunters slowly turning amphibian for the Babalonian Jam!
Despicable Class for the Babalonian Jam!
A monster encounter for the Babalonian Jam!
A creature for the Babalonian Jam
A creature for the Babalonian Jam
No more monkey business
An ethereal giant to drain the life from your players
An "odd" creature encounter for the Babalonian Jam!
a Mork Borg compatible list of really bad smells and their effects
A Treasure Monster for Mork Borg
A creature for the Babalonian Jam
An abomination for the Babalonian Jam!
A face only a mother could love.
A monster for MÖRK BORG that devours everything in its path.
What once was some pig now knows neither life or death - only rot and hunger.
A creature for the Babalonian Jam
A vile blood drinker, the shadow of fear
A Miserable artifact for MÖRK BORG
A legendary monster compatible with MÖRK BORG.
A MÖRK BORG Monster for the Babylonian Jam
A candelabra. Of blood. MÖRK BORG!
He's Hungry! He's Angry! He's HANGRY! For MÖRK BORG
A dungeon for the Babalonian Jam!
Dungeon for the Babalonian Jam!