Submission open from 2018-04-22 09:00:00 to 2018-06-06 09:00:00
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Welcome, contestants and viewers alike. i sound too formal, so lets just get to the topic!

Send out any games you made (with only local help, no cheating there! ;) ) to me via this jam with at the least one asteroid showing up. Be sure to check everything, we won't probably count a second submission.

This is probably the biggest (and longest) game jam organized ever since this year, ending in the same year. The room is big and we need a ton of people. The winner will be in my contact for some months. We need a ton(×100) of people to select the person. He will be one in a thousand. (or 100 atleast!)

Enough philosophy.

You, yes you, can view wonderful works related to code. Share with tons+ of people. Try to vote frankly. What? Wanna join?

C'mon then, Start coding now, and get voted across the world! Try to win or just for fun, as you wish. However, do your best, contestant!

Warning: Submit and forget. You can't submit twice!