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Asset Basket is a community donation drive designed to help solo or small-team developers create games. Creators of discrete game assets like backgrounds, sprites, graphics, 3D models, music, sound effects, libraries, and other tools will submit works that can then be used by developers who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford to pay for assets.

To participate as a creator, submit your work, new or old, under a Creative Commons BY license, for anyone to use in a manner they see fit, monetized or not, as long as they credit you.

To make use of the assets, just download them and paste attribution text in your credits! But please, if you sell whatever you make from the assets here or you belong to an incorporated indie studio, please donate to the creators.

Rules for Submission:
Please submit only your own creations over which you have the legal right to issue a Creative Commons commercial By-Attribution license. It's okay to submit things you made and used already as long as you have control over the rights to them.

1. Choose 'Create a New Game' from your 'Manage My Games' page on your account.

2. Choose 'Game Assets' (or 'Soundtrack' or 'Tool', if more accurate) and 'Downloadable'.

3. Fill out the rest of your information as you see fit. Do not enter a minimum donation; suggested donations are okay.

4. Very important. To be part of Asset Basket, you must paste this text or functionally identical text at the bottom of your description, replacing relevant info:

To use this [asset], please paste the following into your work's credits:
"[asset name]" by [author name, website or handle]
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 International.

5. If you are submitting an asset that works best with a particular engine or language, it'd be helpful if you include instructions on how to use them in the Download & Install Instructions field.

6. If you can include a visual preview, please do so! Album covers, spritesheet previews, and other informative visuals will help devs find what they're looking for more easily.

7. Submit your assets to the jam via the jam page! You'll need to fill out the 'Media type' and 'File types' categories when you submit; this will help me organize and sort submissions later.

8. (optional) Please set up your payment options in your user settings so people can pay you! :)

Further guidelines TBA as questions come in and I do more of my homework. Watch this space!


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Seamless music loops for all genres and styles of games
24 seamless Chiptune loops to be used in all genres of games
A tomb raiding tilesheet for Asset Basket
EP of (mostly) electronic music - bitpop, synthpop, a little faux-coustic...
EP of instrumental electro/rock/weird game music
an album of video game asset music
Two instrumental pieces
Collection of the sounds used in Resist
a tiny pixel font
An electro-ambient piece that builds, and switches, and panics a little, too.
Fresh Loops for Fresh Games
All of the environment art assets used in my game Lantern as .png files.
Horror backgrounds from an actual basement I lived above