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Welcome to the official IGDA Becker Chapter Asset Jam!

(This game jam is local to the Becker College area! Participants must be either students of Becker College or WPI! We also ask that you come to the kickoff meeting in Weller Building 210 at 6 PM on the 21st! This is required as we have a crazy twist!)

Make a game utilizing online asset packs (Or not! Up to you!) in 48 hours! Make new friends! Have some fun!

And stay around after the jam to showcase your game!



  1. Don’t be a dick.
  2. Only use assets you are legally allowed to use.
  3. Submit to the page when your game is done.


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Survive Chef (or not)
your dream to become a chef was squandered when your father foced you to become a graveyard keeper... or was it?
Prepare delicious meals for your King, in record time!
Collect the ingredients before time runs out!
Explore the Candy Cave in search of yummy treats.
The village is hungry. The chef must supply.
Role Playing
Chef Franz must navigate the cursed town of Gothenvanenberg to deliver food to the hungry citizens