Submissions open from 2020-02-29 16:00:00 to 2020-04-29 16:00:00
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Asian Martial Arts by Asian Creators Game Jam

This is an analogue game jam for Asian creators, running from March to April 2020.

Asian martial arts have been appropriated by many Western game writers. This game jam is for Asian creators who want to make our own martial arts games with our own voices.


The game jam is for creators fitting one or more of the following:

  1. You are a creator with Asian heritage.
  2. You were born, raised and now residing in Asia.


  1. Write an analogue game (TTRPG/LARP/board game) on Asian Martial Arts.
    1. It can be a standalone game, a hack, or a supplement for an existing game.
    2. It has to incorporate the theme of Asian martial arts.
    3. Submission of existing games is allowed!
  2. Asia is a continent with diverse cultures. Be sensitive if you write about martial arts from another culture.
    1. If your game is about a culture you are not part of, find a sensitivity reader and include them from the beginning of your project.
    2. Do not use cultural stereotypes and slurs as descriptions of the characters.
    3. Do not use your game to criticise a culture your don't belong to.
  3. Have Fun!
    1. Don't push yourself too hard. There are lots of game jams going on, and it's totally okay to take a break.

Further Reading

Asian Representation And The Martial Arts by James Mendez Hodes