This jam is now over. It ran from 2016-11-24 08:00:00 to 2016-11-24 16:00:00.

What is a Game Jam?

A game jam is a gathering of game developers for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a short span of time [...]. Game developers are generally made up of programmers, game designers, artists, and others in game development-related fields.

The structure of a jam is usually that everyone gathers on [some day] late afternoon, watches a short video keynote with advice from leading game developers, and then a secret theme is announced. All [people] are then challenged to make games based on that same theme, with games to be completed by [some other defined day]. [...]
The jam is always an intellectual challenge. People are invited to explore new technology tools, trying on new roles in development and testing their skills to do something that requires them to design, develop create, test and make a new game [...].

So what is the ASF Game Jam 2016?

The ASF Game Jam 2016 is a game jam for the participants of Animation Sans Frontières 2016 / 2017.

The idea is to create small games and interactive experiments and to prototype interactive ideas with easy-to-learn game engines on one day. The participants will get a small glimpse into the creation of playful experiments and into narrative design and interactive storytelling.

We will use free engines / tools / assets for more effective development / experimentation. Feel free to try them beforehand!


  • Create yourself a profile on
  • Download the official tools and resources (see below)
  • Play around with them as you like!

Venue & Schedule

The game jam will take place at Ponton Galéria, Budapest, on the 24th of November, 2016.

  • Start & Introduction: 9am
  • Pitch of Ideas & Teams: 10am
  • Stand Up: 12am
  • End: 5pm
    • Submit & Upload your games!
  • Presentations & Fair: 5pm
  • Doors Closing: 6pm

Tools & Assets

Further Reading


Csongor Baranyai

Game and narrative designer Csongor Baranyai has more than 10 years of experience in the game and interactive media industry. He studied film and television dramaturgy/ script writing at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen (HFF) in Potsdam/ Babelsberg. He has worked as game designer and conceptioner for several companies as a contracted employee. Since 2008 he worked on various projects as freelancing game designer, narrative designer and consultant for game developers, transmedia projects and artists, as well as miscellaneous personal projects. He was since 2009 lecturer for game & system design, interactive narration and transmedia at several institutions, was head of the further education program Interactive Media at the ifs international film school and since 2015 he is Professor for Game Design at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule (BTK).