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First attempt on creating a jam about artistic expression. Let's try to do something more.

This one will be easy,  pick an art piece and make a game about it. There no need to replicate or transpose it, you can just take inspiration from it, some examples of what you can do:

- Use the subject

- Use the graphic style

- Use the theme

- Try to replicate the mood and emotions it evokes

If this goes well I'm planning on doing more jams with more restrictive rules like authors, time periods, museums or maybe a common theme.

Feel free to work whenever suit you best, early or late it doesn't matter. The days indicated a suggestion about the time you could spend researching and developing. 

If you want to be part of the jam, you have something to communicate and you find restrictive to choose an existing piece of art, well just do it! The theme is a canvas, a guideline, but personal and free expression is encouraged, so go on! 

-Banner: Van gogh - starry night 1889 - ‎Museum of Modern Art‎, New York City

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Short interactive story based on the painting cycle "The Voyage of Life" by Thomas Cole
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Defend the Temeraire from the ghosts of it's past
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