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This is the Artisan Game Jam! 

We're all skilled game designers, but let's show off what else we can do and make gorgeous one of a kind games, the kind only we can make! Make a game the likes of which no one has ever seen before.

DIY, Baby!

DIY is the plan! Whenever possible, Do It Yourself! By hand if you have the materials. Digital is fine if that's the medium you're most comfortable with, but try and make as many aspects of your game yourself as possible. Have you ever designed a font face or made a logo treatment by yourself? Have you ever illustrated one of your own games? Have you ever done a layout the old fashioned way, with scissors and glue?

The point of this jam is to learn new skills, or dive into aspects of game production that might be underappreciated or out of fashion. So, with that, there are two important guidelines.

Respect Your Capabilities

If you're disabled and not physically capable of, say, hand-lettering an entire game without pain, don't worry about it! Do what you can by yourself. We live in an age of modern marvels that make a lot of things, like publishing, accessible to everyone. 

"DIY" looks different to everyone. The point of this jam is to try something new and learn something about the process, NOT to physically put yourself through the wringer.

Expand Your Skills

"Respect your Capabilities" does NOT mean you can just say "I can't do art" and call it a day! Try something new. Maybe you're not confident at drawing, but you can make interesting inkblots or paint swooshes! Maybe you're not comfortable doing graphic design but you can draw some interesting lines and little embellishes! 

This jam is an excuse to work on your skills and try making a game by yourself - don't give up on your capabilities just because you can't bust out a realistic human face. 

(Text: I am not yet consistent enough to hand-letter an entire game but I am working on it.)


  • Make a new game please! 
  • This is a jam for TTRPGs but honestly if you make a video game and hand-draw the assets, good on you! 
  • Respect other people's work. "DIY" looks different for everyone and you never know what they are working with.
  • Make as much of the game as you can by yourself! (Note: this does not mean you can't use an SRD or existing ruleset, but like everything else, you can try to make the rules from scratch as well!)
  • You do not have to make everything by hand.
  • Respect the twin principles of the jam - Respect Your Capabilities and Expand Your Skills! Try new things and gently stretch yourself!
  • IMPORTANT: Please include plain text versions of your game for accessibility purposes, especially if you are hand-writing it!
  • Absolutely no bigotry or other chud shit. If you've ever said "wokescold" unironically, move along. You're not wanted here. 


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A pastoral forest adventure for old school roleplaying
Rebuild after the tornado with your feathered friends, bringing happiness and stories back to your favorite human!
A wondrous and intimate pointcrawl festival
A solo journaling game with original artworks and a unique mechanic.
Your master is away. Brew the perfect potion or face consequences.
Scenarios for Wanderhome - seven new gods and one infamous
Play as baby shapeshifters trying to learn new ways to interact with a wide world.
A magical book of plants and their uses.
A hand-written, hand-drawn memory game/dungeon crawler!
​Un juego de Vigilantes basado en PUSH hecho a mano. [WIP]