Submissions open from 2021-01-22 18:00:00 to 2021-01-24 18:00:00
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Get ready for a 2 day assets jam ! 

Get ready for another GDB Art Jam!


This is a GDB art jam! We have done 2 of these on our discord server in the past, but this time, we decided to bring it to! Any form of art is allowed. Pixel art, digital art, traditional art, music, sculpture, you can even make game assets like a tile set/sprite sheet. Anything goes! Teams are allowed but it seems unlikely that anyone would want to team. 

Jam Commences & THEME REVEALED: Friday 22nd January - 6:00pm GMT
Jam Ends: Sunday 24th January - 6:00pm GMT


For voting, there will be 3 categories. you have: appeal, which is how much you liked the art, uniqueness, which is how much it stood out from the other entries or how unique it was, and theme, being how well it follows the theme. This means taking risks and experimenting may lead to reward!


So, the bit you've been waiting for. If you join our discord server, your art no matter what form it is in will be placed in a special "Hall of Fame", where it shall be memorialised until the end of time (probably). You also have the opportunity to plug anything you want along with your art, so that people can get more of the great content you have to offer! So make sure to join our discord!

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