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Arg Game Jam

In this game jam you will be tasked with creating a digital or physical arg. This can be either or (or a hybrid of both if you are feeling adventurous).  


The args will be judged by a panel of judges from before the jam starts. To apply to be a judge join the jam before the start date. 

You will be judged heavily on the following

1. Creativity

2. Media

3. Report (physical only)

4. Challenge of puzzles.


There will be winners in different categories, the two categories are as follows:

1. Best Physical Arg

2. Best Virtual Arg


To submit you will either submit a txt file with the link to a website (if a virtual one)

or another txt file with a link to a blog (if a physical) that shows how a player would feel during the arg, think but less complicated.

If it is easier you can send an email to with you text file attached/with the link in the email body and the jam manager and submit it as you instead of you having to upload it yourself.

**You may be required to elaborate or answer the judges questions. When submitting please submit a valid email address that you will check**


Here is the link to the official discord server:

when you join direct message "Arg game jam administrator" with your itch username to have your role updated.


You can do literally anything as long as it doesnt harm the player.

This doesnt have to be a new arg that you are submitting. It just has to be currently running.


This is already a complicated enough project so theme is not included.


If your videos/pictures/blog includes pictures that are identifiable as the person you will be required to fill out one of these forms and email it to:!AsBJw4WZhcWuaVtJ0jyQ_9xmo5U?e=KIJKnE(the form)

What you create in this jam is solely yours and you keep the rights to it.

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