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The rules are simple: starting on April 1 and ending on May 9 (DEADLINE EXTENDED), design a tabletop RPG that somehow reflects the theme of "alchemy". This theme is open to interpretation: you could have an alchemy subsystem or class in your game, or alchemy featuring prominently in the world and background, but maybe your game itself will be an alchemical fusion of mechanics from other games. 

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A game of Alchemical Correspondence
My entry for the April Alchemy game jam!
Role Playing
A tabletop game about using alchemy to understand the mysteries of the world.
Grab some books, grab some friends, tell a story!
A Game of Word Play and Alchemy for 2 or More Players
Complete the Magnum Opus. Change the world. Look on your works, and...
Get Slizzered Fighting Lizards
A game about the achivement of excellence.