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For our November Game Jam, in the spirit of DEMOCRACY, we asked the community for theme suggestion and voted to choose the winner.

That winner is: "Appearing To Be A Completely Different Genre From What It Actually Is"

There were 60 total theme submissions. Here's the rest of the final 12:

  • Zen
  • CyberPunk Lazer Show
  • Food is trying to eat you.
  • Cat Jam, games for cat
  • Awful Books Jam. Visit and make a game based on one of the "awesome" books you find. 
  • Object permanence
  • Rorschach Test - Make a game based off of what you see in a inkblot image provided 
  • Two button Jam: Twice as good as a One Button Jam
  • The Weather in Space
  • doing what you're worst at
  • snow jam


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Frantically harvest crops to pay your bills each day
When dress-up games become a stressful job
Dive into the depths of the Earth with Clunky, your friendly Learning Guide! What could go wrong?
A FPS game that might be "horror" but is it?
Use familiar and strange pieces to create lines, build cities, and explore
Uncover the true love story of these two lovebirds
It's a beat 'em up. Or is it.